Many individuals get tattoos as a sign of self expression. As the general public, we begin to judge people whether right or wrong, based on appearances. Some tattoos can be portrayed as racist, derogatory, sexist, or hateful.

When viewed from different groups of people, those same symbols become signs of unity, togetherness, family, etc. As artists, we have a tough decision to make on whether we are willing to tattoo something that we do not agree with or whether the satisfaction of the client holds more weight. Is the artist’s moral restriction more important than what the client wants or should the artist be willing to do the tattoo because that is what they are paid to do?

The American flag can be both controversial and a sign of pride, etc. Other groups see it as segregation and inequality. There are thousands of things representing controversy such as, the rebel flag, political symbols, cultist images, religious artifacts, etc.

As the client, should the artist’s personal belief influence the end result of the tattoo?

As the artist, are you in favor of the business or are there limitations?

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